Before many demolition, dismantling and refurbishment works can begin, all asbestos must be identified by an appropriate Asbestos survey. Any materials found must then be removed by a suitably licensed contractor who can undertake these works with full compliance to all HSE regulations.

At AMAC we have been integral in coordinating and arranging the surveying and subsequent removal of asbestos from many projects in a range of capacities. We have strong working connections with a number of licensed removals contractors as well as the ability to complete many projects in-house. The results of the Asbestos survey drive all large demolition, refurbishment and dismantling contracts, so accurate detailed knowledge, as early as possible, is vital to the start of any successful project.

Safety is of total importance and we will ensure the highest level of attention to detail, quality of work and safe practices at all times. All hazardous wastes generated are removed and disposed from site with full compliance to all applicable laws and legislation, with all associated documentation held in full both on site and in our office at all times.


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